Who or what are we and who or what am I? These questions kept coming up for many years. A great desire was burning to get an answer to these questions. An investigation that took place all by itself, especially during long walks with his dog. It was the only thing that was of interest and it kept him busy 24/7. An intensive search followed for, what we might call, the True Self.

How can people have an opinion on any subject, while this simple question – who or what am I – remains unanswered? How can anyone firmly state to know anything about anything without knowing what they really are in essence?

After years of great despair, being very shy, not knowing how to live… things started to shift and open up. A sudden beautiful experience of feeling totally one with everything gave rise to many new moments of clear insight. Something prior to all experiences was touched upon and from that day onwards this unaffected space became more and more trustworthy. This was such a great revelation… something in life is unaffected by all appearances! From a very restless state of being gradually things calmed down. New insights arose and the ‘super shy Ruben’ was suddenly able to share his experiences in front of a group of people. This had always been his great wish but just was too scary.

Sharing about these topics and simultaneously investigating with the help of many great beings helped greatly to deepen trust in all of life’s phenomena. Making it possible to see life from a totally new angle. From a more spacious and less bound way. More calm, more relaxed. Even when all seemed to fall apart again in some moments… there was a quick knowing and re-connection to this unaffected space within. Prior to all thinking, prior to all feelings. This stable feeling of being home no matter what.

Being able to follow his greatest passion and teach about these topics has been of such great help. Hence his offerings in guiding people towards that which resonates most in their life.

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