Online course: Embracing Death


Listen to the heart opening stories and guided meditations about life, impermanence, death and dying created by Charmaine and Ruben. Six long and profound recordings that will deepen your trust in life and death. And most of all connect you to the wonder of this mysteriously beautiful life. You will be guided in a very warm and soft way.

Written and edited by Ruben
Spoken words by Charmaine

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Ruben’s findings in his own research over the past many years have been woven into the stories and guided meditations of the ‘Embracing Death’ course. He himself followed Buddhist meditation courses on impermanence, dying and death with his teachers Ajahn Achalo and Ajahn Sumedho. He is very grateful for the lessons he has received from them.

In addition to his work as an ‘awareness trainer’, Ruben is a certified volunteer active in Dale Borglum’s Living/Dying project. Here Ruben guides people who are directly involved with their imminent death. The Living/Dying project is a worldwide organization that has been active since the 1970s.

More info about Charmaine Kachibaia:
Charmaine is also affiliated with The Living/Dying project

It is Ruben’s greatest passion to introduce people to the transience of this life. To have them experience that every moment is so incredibly precious. To show that, as it were, all life experiences can be looked at through completely different eyes. Less from a closed ‘state of mind’, more from openness in a spatial manner. Beyond all thoughts… there… somewhere… with no location… Ruben takes you along in great amazement. It is with amazement what he likes doing most, whilst apparently being here in this human form.