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Ruben & Charmaine

Six long and profound recordings that will deepen your trust in life and death. And most of all connect you to the wonder of this mysteriously beautiful life. You will be guided in a very warm and soft way.

A blessing!

At some point in your life death and dying might become your greatest passion. This is a true blessing!

Ruben Bach


Through exploring our relationship with death, we unlock the secret to living fully.

Charmaine Kachibaia

& Death

Listen to the stories and guided meditations about life, impermanence, death and dying created by Charmaine and Ruben.

This course is for anyone wishing to advance their understanding and acceptance of the inevitable. This course is for anyone READY to face their fear of death head on and deal with whatever comes up in order to live a fuller, more fulfilling life. Years of searching, reading and therapy did not do for me what this course did for me. I am so grateful to Ruben and Charmaine for their work and bravery in producing this seven day course.❤️It’s impact is profound. I will revisit this course again in order to elevate my awareness further. Thank you!


Everyone could learn from this beautiful course. It wasn’t scary, as I thought it might be, it was graceful,living and intuitive. Thank you Charmaine and Ruben for helping me embrace aging and my mortality


I LOVE this course. It brings so much peace and wisdom. I plan to listen to it over and over. There is so much value to take in. Thank you!! 🙏 Namaste


Wow! Thank you for taking us on this incredibly profound journey! Absolutely beautiful and no words! Wished it would never end but It is like this! ❤️🙏🏼❤️


Very well thought out & paced & written. So sweet & gentle. I appreciate every moment. Thank you both.


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Thank you 🙏