Het 30 dagen ‘Calm Down’ programma

Dit programma is enkel in het Engels te zien en te beluisteren.

A 30 day Calm Down program for those who feel some calmness and clarity is welcome in their life’s. Get back in touch with the ever present calm and unaffected presence in the midst of all daily experiences. Let calmness be your guide and free your self from all delusional states.

InnerCreations is offering a series of videos and recordings on how to experience calmness in the midst of all life situations. You will receive one video (incl. transcription and downloadable audio) each day for 30 days in your inbox. Plus 6 in depth guided meditations.
After the 30 days you will still have access to all content.

A pause… to calm down. To re-connect. Softly, warmly and gently.

The in depth guided meditations: This additional audio series will take you deeper and deeper in clarity and calmness.

To fully ‘Calm Down’…

you can order the entire program:

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Some benefits:

  • More calmness, ease and peace.
  • Embodying powerful ways to approach challenging situations
  • By watching these videos repeatedly you will automatically slow down
  • Slowing down will calm down your body/mind system
  • Returning to these videos for some time on a daily basis can be helpful to reduce stress and anxiety in all kinds of life experiences
  • Watching and listening will bring more clarity. You’ll be able to handle stressful situations more skilful

To fully ‘Calm Down’…

you can order the entire program:

Click here

How it kinda all started…

Calm down, Ruben!

And so he did… again and again over the last 15 years. Resting deeply, calming down, exploring, struggling, learning, releasing, closing down, being afraid, opening up, feeling depressed, taking antidepressants, not wanting to live, wanting to live, not knowing how to live, joining retreats, starting to relax, experiencing panic attacks, seeing them vanish, finding joy, being super shy, overwhelmed by intense jealousy, wanting a bigger car, wanting a smaller car, not wanting a car, falling deeply in love, falling deeply out of love, feeling pretty okay, waking up in deep despair, losing faith, trying to hide, starting long hours of meditation, finding peace within, opening up again, wanting a bigger car again, no… not a car this time… but a bigger house and also wanting to be a minimalist, starting a ten day water fast, not able to let go of a teddy bear, starting to organize workshops, wanting an open relationship, afraid to speak in group settings, longing for safety, feeling totally f*cked up, feeling super inspired, feeling a loser, experiencing oneness, trying to fit in, taking deep breaths and cold showers… …and meanwhile getting more and more familiar with something that is clearly totally unaffected by all these expressions… laughing right now, whilst writing all this down 🙂 …isn’t it all just funny? ‘Cause this is just a fraction in the life of only one of these beings. And you will most likely recognize some of the above as well. Do you?

All these expressions of life helped and still help this ‘Ruben’ to calm down bit by bit on his beautiful path. He for sure isn’t always able to be calmly present right away, but there is always this intimate knowing that all is perfectly well. And this is such a great a gift! Being able to rest in the midst of all these challenging circumstances. To find relief there! To automatically calm down moment to moment and being able to see the beauty of life in all its various expressions… what a relief!

Especially after being so caught up in negative thinking, being super shy and always feeling ever so confused… to now experience clarity in the midst of challenging situation. Being able to express what wants to be expressed. And so simple! By listening repeatedly to this message, this simple message… being pointed towards that which doesn’t change, that which is truly unaffected, that which is always lovingly present, is not personal, prior to the thinking mind…

Haha… no thoughts! And what remains? Clinging to thoughts… of course… we do it all the time. Clinging to feelings. Interpreting… 24/7. To the point of great exhaustion. Burning us out… Well, I guess we, as these human vehicles, can use some training to reset all we belief to be so important and true. To have this strong grasping tendency to each thought and feeling that arises calm down a bit. Moment to moment. May this message find you well.