Warmup session day 6

Before going into the sixth meditation Ruben will check in with you to explore the depths of your longing. How do we react to moments where distraction is clearly experienceable. And how can we soften moments in which life seems undoable, harsh, or depressing? This time Ruben will invite you to be very honest and write down what it is that might keep you from surrendering into Truth. In this session way you’ll receive more clarity on topics like motivation and empowerment. You might find out that true empowerment lies hidden in an obvious place.

Guided Meditation day 6: How much longing is there?

In this last meditative talk, in a series of six, let’s amp up our connection with Non Personal Awareness. 

Let's explore and see how much you are really longing for change in this lifetime. It is obviously clear that the tendency for many human beings is to be quite lazy and to quickly be satisfied with situations in which there is even a lot of suffering. Not even noticing that what is going on IS suffering.