Bonus warmup session day 7

Why bonus? Just to show the beauty of unconditionally giving!

In this ‘bonus’talk Ruben will invite you to investigate to what it is in life that you are (still) clinging to and how it would be of benefit to share your gifts and talents more freely… from a state of freedom.

Exploring this will bring to service any hidden agenda and recall the ever so unconscious and clever ways to fool oneself. Aiming for the highest… in this session it will become obviously clear that it IS possible to drop all strategies to find true fulfillment within certain conditions. What is left is a natural open field of pure and unconditional Love. After this talk and guided meditation, you’ll experience that there is no longer the need to be clever and manipulate life.
You’ll setup a list of strategies that are obviously present in your life and on your own time you are being asked to find ways to transform these into clarity.

Guided ‘bonus’ Meditation day 7: Can life itself be enough?

As is shown on day 5… repetition is key. In this 7th meditation the emphasis will lie on the question… Can life itself be enough? You’ll repeatedly contemplate this question to the point where this becomes obviously clear. Any left-over tension, doubt, false concept will transform into deep trust and true freedom.
The answer to the question… ‘Can life itself be enough?’ will from then on seep through all your daily experiences. Such a great relief… being able to see the wonder of life moment to moment… and being reminded to no longer manipulate that which is already perfect… Life… You!