Warmup session day 5

Today Ruben will have you investigate different areas in your life where you witness yourself being distracted. Once these areas become clearer, clarity will arise and on a deeper level the meaning of life will shine forth. One could say… from now one it will be ever so clear that practice IS your purpose in life. To create less resistance towards practice this talk emphasizes the importance of kindness and compassion. Softening the perception of life will help smoothen all daily experiences. You will be asked to write down a list of ways for you to implement an effortless practice.

Guided Meditation day 5: Repetition is key!

During this guided meditation the importance of effortless repetition is explained. Meanwhile Ruben will explore the spaciousness of all phenomena. To decrease the feeling of ‘a human being’ being the only thing real in once life, in this talk Ruben will use the words ‘a so-called human being’… This will bring some more space into your daily experiences. It will be easier to recognize that you are always connected as Love. That you Are Love.

By returning to Ruben’s guided meditations for a good amount of time in your life, freedom will be attained. Not by anyone… but one could say… as The One… by The One. By repeating the practice, the feeling of being stuck as a person in this body will subside and the natural flow of life will be palpable. More and more so. By touching upon ‘the longing to flow naturally through life’ repetition will automatically and effortlessly become a priority in life. On day 6 Ruben will continue exploring the longing for freedom.