Warmup session day 3

On day 3 Ruben will explain the beauty of simultaneity. A simultaneity in which you, as a human being, recognize both the ongoing and ever-changing experiences and the unchanging and always stable Non-Personal-Awareness simultaneously.
This amazing shift is due to listening and practicing in a very effortless way. Like learning how to drive a bike… once this tipping point is ‘occurring’ life will never be perceived the same. More and more a deep trust in the ever-perfect nature of all experiences will be felt. You will be asked to write down in which moments in your life you can already experience a simultaneity and asked to investigate how you can amp up clarity in certain fewer clear moments in your life.

Guided Meditation day 3: The Tipping Point

In this meditation pointers will be given towards a possible shift in the life of a human being as well as the point in the life of a human being where the emphasis shifts from emphasis on being identified as a person, that is feeling stuck in a body, to a broader and spacious loving Non-Personal-Awareness. The words ‘The Tipping Point’ will increase to pop-up through the day and show the ever so available simultaneity.