Enjoy this

Special Edition

*9* series

By listening to this series of guided meditations
you will feel more open, warm and
peaceful in all circumstances.



Clarity in daily life by practicing short moments of softness, openness and deep relaxation.


Experience the beautiful unchanging nature of each timeless moment. Practice effortlessly and feel more gratitude in life for ALL experiences.


Learn what makes you suffer most in life and experience softness… moment to moment.


Some Examples

Can life itself be enough?

This guided meditation is part of the online course: 'Don't fool yourself any longer'
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Can life itself be enough? Can it?

Listen to this meditation and explore the depths of this wonderful and mysterious life. It might give you some beautiful new insight.


What Is Needed To Feel Extremely Worthy?

Ruben will have you explore your own feeling of worthiness. What is needed for you to feel extremely worthy? You will slowly travel into the pure and warm depth of your True Being. Life might feel totally different after listening to this guided meditation. Positively so.
Again such sweet, soft, and profound guidance! Enjoy! Enjoy every timeless moment and keep returning to these meditations to deepen more and more. It will make you trust in life fully and deeply. Such a gift!

Unconditional Love

In this talk Ruben will invite you to investigate to what it is in life that you are (still) clinging to and how it would be of benefit to share your gifts and talents more freely… from a state of freedom.

Exploring this will bring to service any hidden agenda and recall the ever so unconscious and clever ways to fool oneself. Aiming for the highest… in this session it will become obviously clear that it IS possible to drop all strategies to find true fulfillment within certain conditions. What is left is a natural open field of pure and unconditional Love.

After this talk and guided meditation, you’ll experience that there is no longer the need to be clever and manipulate life. You’ll setup a list of strategies that are obviously present in your life and on your own time you are being asked to find ways to transform these into clarity.

Enjoy this

Special Edition

*9* series