Welcome to this online course: Don't fool yourself any longer!
If somehow you feel in your life, it would be very helpful to 'put things down'… to drop all burdens and to finally see, feel, and experience ‘The Truth of your own Being’… then, this online course is perfect for you.

You'll be joining Ruben on a seven-day ‘Awakening Journey’ in which you will listen to seven profound talks and guided meditations. After listening to all the talks and guided meditations, you won't be able to fool yourself any longer. Seven days full on! For those dedicated, and those who are really fed up, trying, trying, and trying. It's not necessary to try any longer, just join Ruben on this journey and you'll see, it's so effortless! So beautiful! So heart-opening and so tender…

And if somehow, you're not sure if 'Waking up to Truth' is what you really want… then, this online course is also truly helpful. It will show you the beauty and wonder of life again and again. True freedom and relaxation during all circumstances! Imagine this… this doesn't imply that you'll be happy all the time. No, it implies that there will be a simultaneity.

A simultaneity that will show you 'The Truth of your own Being' during your daily experiences. That, which doesn't change will be felt and known in each experience.

Imagine this to be fully embodied.

Knowing that something within this whole mysterious life is always perfectly at ease…

Imagine yourself walking around, interacting with others or being all by yourself and simultaneously Knowing that The Peace, The Stillness, The Spaciousness, the ever so profound unchanging mystery is there within your whole experience… again and again, moment to moment.

So, no longer will clarity and relaxation be felt in sweet circumstances… but also at times where all seems to go ‘wrong’. In those moments you will be able to see perfection itself. Wholeness… Oneness… Love… and Freedom.

Much love,

Profoundly ‘Awakening’ talks and meditations that will wake you up and stop you from fooling yourself.


Don’t fool

Explore some of your most convincing and strong beliefs… How tired are you? How fed up are you?

Is it time to put things down?


The emphasis shifts from being identified as a person, that is feeling stuck in a body, to a broader and spacious loving Non-Personal-Awareness.


Listen to these talks and guided meditations and find out how it would be of benefit to share your gifts and talents more freely… from a state of freedom. 

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