Online course offer for Living Dying Project Volunteers


Costs for this online course are donation based.

111 euro is setup as a suggestion via the webshop.
For the Living Dying Project Volunteers 20 euro is setup as a suggestion.

If you want to support us right away or after listening to this online course click on this link: click here or send an e-mail for info on direct bank transfer.

You will get access to 7 audio recordings.

Listen to the heart opening stories and guided meditations about life, impermanence, death and dying created by Charmaine and Ruben. Six long and profound recordings that will deepen your trust in life and death. And most of all connect you to the wonder of this mysteriously beautiful life. You will be guided in a very warm and soft way.

Written and edited by Ruben
Spoken words by Charmaine

For us to be able to continue this work donations are very welcome.

Thank you πŸ™