The 30 Day Calm Down program


InnerCreations is offering a series of videos and recordings on how to experience calmness in the midst of all life situations. You will receive one video (incl. transcription and downloadable audio) each day for 30 days in your inbox.
Plus 6 in depth guided meditations.
After the 30 days you will still have access to all.


Donation based.

For us to be able to continue this work donations are very welcome.

Costs for this online course are donation based.

233 euro is setup as a suggestion. If somehow you can’t afford this please send us an email via

If you want to support us after exploring this online course you can support us via or send an e-mail for info on direct bank transfer.

Thank you 🙏


You will have access to the 30 day Calm Down program and will be able to listen to a new video each day. Along with the video comes a transcription. All video’s are subtitled in English. They will also be available and downloadable in mp3 format so that you can easily listen whilst walking or doing the dishes. After the 30 days you will still have access to all the videos as well.

The guidelines that are given will make you step back from excessive habitual negative thinking and restless action oriented living. A pause… to calm down. To re-connect. Softly, warmly and gently.

Along with these videos comes an audio-series which has the same effect and will, by repeatedly listening, bring more ease and peace throughout the day.

Some benefits:

  • More calmness, ease and peace
  • Embodying powerful ways to approach challenging situations
  • By watching these videos repeatedly you will automatically slow down
  • Slowing down will calm down your body/mind system
  • Returning to these videos for some time on a daily basis can be helpful to reduce stress and anxiety in all kinds of life experiences
  • Watching and listening will bring more clarity. You’ll be able to handle stressful situations more skillful