Navigating Intense Moments In Life


During this two-day online course, Ruben shares his own insights when it comes to navigating intense moments in life. For those who are in search of peace, softness and clarity, these two sessions are very helpful because of their depth in exploring the soft, loving and unaffected state. You will learn that this state is accessible in the midst of all circumstances. Listening to these sessions is a very effortless way to integrate short moments of softness and clarity into your daily life. By listening, you will be automatically reminded many times a day to calm down and soften. When these short moments arise, they will give rise to clarity and a total shift in your experiences of life. Our judgments fall away, and our hearts are open and warmly present to whatever arises. This is such a beautiful gift for many who have been practicing these effortless teachings.

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Day 1. Effortless Practice Will Bring About A Positive Shift
During this first meditative session Ruben will have you explore intense moments in life while being aware of the unaffected soft and clear natural state of life. During this journey you will get the opportunity to notice on a deep level that something in life is truly okay, truly stable and unaffected. Always has been and still is. Tapping into this during this session might bring a total shift in the way you perceive life.

Day 2. Your Precious Life Is To Be Trusted Fully
During this session, Ruben will show you that life is to be trusted fully. You will get in touch with the ever-available soft and loving awareness that you are, by diving deep beyond all habitual mind patterns, ‘Doing’ this over and over for short moments, one will notice that all is to be trusted fully. The play of life will feel natural, and sudden surprises on your path will be less of a shock. You will come to understand life better and more maturely. You will no longer (or gradually less and less) experience disappointment. Life is seen from a natural and clear state. During this session, you will visualize moments in life where there has been an argument with someone. The session continues on the subject of expectations in life. Ruben is inviting you to write your expectations down to be more aware of the negative effects in your life by expecting it to be a certain way.

What others say:


Each session with this wise and gifted teacher gave me an opportunity to experience my life more softly and purposefully. My intention is to go beyond old patterning and sit more comfortably in what my Soul truly wants to be. I encourage anyone to follow along, opening your mind and heart to stretch and expand into softness. It will be a shift worth taking!! Deep gratitude to you, Ruben, for these lessons, and for your sharing and generosity. 🍃🍃

Thank you so much for this beautiful course! I love the idea to have the day be full of reminders- to soften. So lovely. I am opening more and more to learning how to let it go. To not argue. To not have to say my side to be right. This is such a beautiful course to walk with on that journey. I appreciate your contribution to my awareness practice with this resource. 💗I have many, many challenges like all people. It has been a very difficult two years with an unwanted estrangement from my beloved child. I was so full of grief, isolation, loneliness. Trying to discover who I am, through the grief and pain. Trying to open to recognizing my value is much more than being a mother that I previously placed all my worth on. And since my daughter needs distance right now it made me feel like a failure. Like I had no value. It has been a blessing in that it has allowed me the space and time to get to know myself beyond motherhood and to see where I want to heal and become healthier for myself and in relationship to myself so that in turn will allow me to be healthier in relationship with all beings. I am grateful for it despite kicking and screaming metaphorically when it first happened because I wanted things to be the same to go back to what I knew and cherished with her. But, I know and believe all things are temporary and always changing. But, I was resisting that despite believing it. Which showed me how much work I needed to do on myself and letting go and being with what is in this moment and that I have no control. Which is both scary and beautiful. And reminds me of your vulnerable share about your wife and epilepsy. We will be okay and the universe is conspiring to give us what we need at all times. In much gratitude 🙏

Nejem Raheem / BOSTON. MA USA
Absolutely lovely. Thank you

Norma Gill
That was so beautiful, Ruben. I will listen again and again. Thank you for your beautiful presence, wisdom and understanding of life and all its complexities. I look forward to changing my perspective on life’s difficult situations… and rather see them as life expressing itself in a most beautiful way. I love that. Thank you.

So raw and honest. Thank you Ruben for your insight. I was moved to tears by the gentle disarming like words. Felt sad , happy and yet Life is what it is! Will be repeating as a powerful reminder! Namaste!❤️🙏🏼

Beautiful meditations and guidance. I recently lost my job after 36 years and find myself adrift in uncertainty. Ruben’s message of how life happens regardless of what we have planned resonated with me and begins to open me to the possibilities that life may offer. Possibilities that may not be my plan and to find peace in the now.