Warmup session day 1

Each day contains an introduction talk in which Ruben will warm you up. He will set the stage for the upcoming guided meditation by taking the listener into a clear and open space. In this way you will be focused and open to receive the guidance given in the upcoming meditation in a very efficient way. These talks will have you question many topics in your life. By doing so it will show you where you are fooling yourself, so to speak.

On day 1 Ruben will ask you to explore some of your most convincing and strong beliefs. You’ll be asked to write these down and return to during the seven days.

Guided Meditation day 1:

What force is meditating you?

Since Ruben will be exploring the word Meditation he will balance between exploring and pointing… One could also refer these meditations as meditative talks. In the beginning of the first meditation Ruben will suggest considering this meditative talk, as well as the upcoming 5 sessions as guided meditations. You will be guided by listening to some instructions.

Most beings that start meditating are assuming that THEY are the one that is meditating. They assume that there is a person that is meditating…

Meditating from this identified space doesn't usually bring much of a relaxing and Awakening experience. Something, in this first guided meditation, will most likely click! And if it doesn’t that is fine too. It is not a contest. Just by continuing all will find it natural flow and place.