The story day 7:

During this last story you take a walk after dinner at the campsite to see the sunset just in time. After some time, something unexpected happens. In the distance you see an elderly man standing next to a woman who recently collapsed as a result of a heart attack. She's dead on the ground. You approach the old man and deceased woman. Other people have also arrived. You enter into a miraculous conversation (without many words) with the older man. A wonderful connection is created.

Emotion, wonder and letting go… love, pure love… the transience of life…

Guided Meditation day 7:

Your life ends, during this visualisation at the end of the sixth story, with an unexpected heart attack. This may sound annoying or harsh if you read it this way, but it is expressed in a soft and understanding way. It makes you experience once again that life can take very unexpected turns. By going deeper into this, you will gain more understanding during your daily experiences for the experiences you encounter as a human being.