The story day 6:

During this story you notice that you are not feeling well and you choose to lie down in the grass. Soon you fall asleep and wake up after some time. As you wake up you notice that you don't immediately know where you are… this sense of Being without knowing where interests you.

You will be exploring, still with your eyes closed, what it is like to Be…without location. This will be beautiful experience… because you curiously continue to ignore your emerging thoughts and stay in a spatial 'non-personal' experience.

After some time you realise that you are lying in the grass know where you are… yet you can experience a deep relaxation and wide open space. It makes you lie with closed eyes. A guided meditation follows naturally. Words flood into your consciousness as you lie there in the grass. Words that refer you to the essence of life.

Guided Meditation day 6:

At the end of this fifth story, in which a large part has already been a guided meditation, another guided meditation starts about dying as a result of a bicycle accident.

This story lets you experience that life can come to an end in a very unexpected way. That it is not always the case that you are lying in bed surrounded by your loved ones.

A story full of wonder, connection with nature, wisdom and surrender. Here too you are again gently taken to your last moment in this life.