By relaxing for short moments during the day, I notice how I stand/sit/walk… I also notice fear and tension, pain or sadness more clearly by ‘stopping for a moment’ and can put it into perspective. What is so bad/important that I would not be able to breathe for a moment? When I remember to stop in between it gives me a lot of peace and I realize that I don’t have to wait to relax until I’m alone or sitting on my yoga mat or have fled from discomfort. I can breathe here now and bring the attention to myself instead of outside and that feels strong and soft at the same time. Of course I do not (yet) always succeed in taking a deep breath when my children want something from me at the same time and express this in crying and whining, but also that ‘imperfect’ part I breathed today and it was wonderful to realize that I am not just that! Thank you for helping me remember that source of peace within me and the doors to it.

I enjoyed the session “What is my purpose”? Wonderful! thanks

The online meditation sessions are always very beautiful. Very valuable. I am going to absorb the texts again, let the words seep through in peace, slowly, so that everything comes completely inside, beautiful, …grateful!

The sessions have helped me and still do. I love to meditate, to go into prayer and to be present in attention.

There is no need for a layers, no filter, open, fresh and authentic. The love of a relaxed presence in the hustle and bustle of every day without having to do anything and with the trust that the right thing will present itself penetrates to the core.

And this helps me because I keep forgetting, always feeling trapped in the idea of having to do something. Perhaps in this I am stubborn, self-centered, chaotic and addicted to my story, but certainly not the only one. It is a support to be together in relaxed presence and a party full of natural happiness!