Your Precious Life Is To Be Trusted Fully
During this session, Ruben will show you that life is to be trusted fully. You will get in touch with the ever-available soft and loving awareness that you are, by diving deep beyond all habitual mind patterns, ‘Doing’ this over and over for short moments, one will notice that all is to be trusted fully. The play of life will feel natural, and sudden surprises on your path will be less of a shock. You will come to understand life better and more maturely. You will no longer (or gradually less and less) experience disappointment. Life is seen from a natural and clear state. During this session, you will visualize moments in life where there has been an argument with someone. The session continues on the subject of expectations in life. Ruben is inviting you to write your expectations down to be more aware of the negative effects in your life by expecting it to be a certain way.