The story day 2:

In all six upcoming stories the listener will be ‘travelling’ with Charmaine. In the first story this will be explained and it will also be the start of the journey. Conversations about life and death are discussed whilst being on the road together. No unexpected things happen during this first story. All stories contain sounds and soundscapes.

Guided Meditation day 2:

A guided meditation follows at the end of the story. This introduces you, as a listener, to a broader 'non-personal' consciousness. Either the source, the loving source, consciousness, the divine, love, the unchanging, the one… the essence of existence… that which has no words… beyond the feeling of being a person…

This introductory meditation is supported by words such as 'Let go’, in order to deepen a greater relaxation whilst listening. 

'Short Moments of Stillness' are also part of the meditation. Always hooking up to that beautiful unchanging stable 'space'/'the source'. In this first meditation you are invited to examine your relationship to dying and death in a very gentle way. What would change in your life if you became a friend of death, as it were?

The first guided meditation is a first introduction to a wider consciousness and provides a open and clear view of impermanence, life, dying and death.

It is recommended to listen to these meditations several times before moving on to the next one. Thus, the human form, the body-mind system, can slowly get used to the fact that death is a very normal part of life.