Ruben Bach. An odd man out? In a way he is, because he is only interested in one thing. Just one thing? One thing indeed. Namely; what is the essence of our existence? And not… how do I become better as a person, or how do I perform optimally or how do I become a successful employee or entrepreneur. But … what am I in essence, what is the source from which this life seems to unfold and how do I learn (beyond the ego) to experience clearly and live from that what ‘I’ really am. Especially in the business world, where he gives trainings and meetings, this message sometimes comes as a big surprise. It might take some time to get used to listening to this message for those who are used to living from concepts and convictions they have acquired. Yet, time and time again, new insights emerge when we take a close look at our convictions from a new, clear and open perspective.

In no way Ruben is interested in the role that we allot to ourselves. Not at all. Beyond that ‘role’ he looks and makes contact with others who come on his path from great enthusiasm.

If you come to one of his meetings, know that the role you seem to be playing in this life will not get any attention. For those who strongly identify with their role in this life, this can be confronting and evoke resistance. So sometimes confronting, but most of all giving rise to new positive discoveries.

The following questions are addressed: What remains when we totally leave all the concepts we have acquired behind? What happens when we are no longer dependent on thoughts, emotions and feelings? How do you move when you observe absolutely mindlessly?

Beyond all acquired ideas in this life… what IS there is of interest to Ruben. Nothing else. Nothing? No, only that. Why? Because ‘there’, the key to the natural flow of life can be experienced and it will become clear that all the perfection we seek as a ‘human form’ is already there. Before the next thought enters our mind, all perfection is already there. Something is unchanging and stable. So the stability we are looking for in this life is already there. Even when life seems complicated and impossible. There is of course nothing wrong with thoughts, but so many stuck patterns and stagnant life situations dissolve like snow in the sun when the ‘human form’ discovers what the essence of this existence is.

When it becomes clear that thoughts, opinions and concepts have absolutely no inherent meaning, space is created for relaxation and clarity. This relaxation and clarity allows the wonder of life to be seen again. The ‘bubble’ of vagueness and confusion in which we often find ourselves is pierced. Again and again during a ‘Short Moment of Stillness’.

Repetition of Short Moments of Stillness is one of the methods that belong to the trainings and meetings. They allow for relaxation and clarity in the midst of all life situations.

The trainings and meetings are supported by audio recordings, videos. This allows the repetition of the practice to continue effortlessly afterwards.

The programs are offered by Ruben both in Dutch and in English.
As a trainer/coach within the business Ruben works together with MANOVRA. More information in Dutch about Manovra can be found here: Helder Werken – MANOVRA

Additional background information:

Volunteer and non-profit projects:
Ruben is founder of The Love Trail
As a volunteer Ruben works for The Living Dying project
Founder and co-creator of the ‘Embracing Death project’ (available in June 2022)

Ruben’s findings in his own research over the past many years have been woven into the stories and guided meditations of the ‘Embracing Death’ course. He himself followed Buddhist meditation courses on impermanence, dying and death with his teachers Ajahn Achalo and Ajahn Sumedho. He is very grateful for the lessons he has received from them.

In addition to his work as an ‘awareness trainer’, Ruben is a certified volunteer active in Dale Borglum’s Living/Dying project. Here Ruben guides people who are directly involved with their imminent death. The Living/Dying project is a worldwide organization that has been active since the 1970s.

In collaboration with Charmaine Kachibaia (also affiliated with The Living/Dying project) Ruben created the project ‘Embracing Death’. The texts for this project, written by Ruben, were recorded by Charmaine. The course ‘On Life and Death’ is a free translation in Dutch and has been written and recorded by Ruben.

It is Ruben’s greatest passion to introduce people to the transience of this life. To have them experience that every moment is so incredibly precious. To show that, as it were, all life experiences can be looked at through completely different eyes. Less from a closed ‘state of mind’, more from openness in a spatial manner. Beyond all thoughts… there… somewhere… with no location… Ruben takes you along in great amazement. It is with amazement what he likes doing most, whilst apparently being here in this human form.

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